How to Dump Database using DBeaver

Last updated - November 06, 2022Author Rabra Hierpa
  1. Download and Install DBeaver from their site
    1. Remove the snap version if you’re on Linux since Snap won’t allow you to access you’re root directories outside your app installation folder
  2. In DBeaver, right-click the database and click Tools > Backup.
  3. Click on Load Client and load the pg_dump client from your directory ( typically /usr/bin/ if you’re on Linux)
  4. Select schema to include and click Next.
  5. For Format, choose Plain.

Optional: You might choose to make the backup without ownership or privilege statements. This makes it easier to restore to a different server. However, note that the user restoring the database from SQL backup will become the new owner.

  1. Place a check next to these boxes:
    1. Do not backup privileges (GRANT/REVOKE)
    2. Discard objects owner
  2. Click Start.

Once the process is complete you should find the database dump in your desired directory.


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